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Jewelry Questions
Can I purchase a design that has been discontinued?
  Maybe - it's worth asking us! If we still have the materials and tools to make it, then we'd love to help you out. If we do not have the color or materials in stock, then unfortunately we won't be able to. Quite a few of our discontinued items can still be made. Please contact us and we'll let you know if we can make what you're looking for.
Do your plugs or eyelets come in any other sizes?
  No, all of our jewelry is listed in every size that we can currently produce (there may be a few exceptions, so feel free to contact us about a custom size - we will let you know if we can help).

In regards to eyelets, all of the sizes that we carry are currently listed. Our clear eyelets have the widest range from 3mm up to 76mm. Our colored eyelets only range from 8mm up to 50mm. If you are looking for in-between sizes, check out our Solid Color Plugs or Colorfront Plugs
How do I order a longer or shorter wearing surface?
  Our average Double Flare plug/eyelet wearing surface will measure between 6.5-7.5mm in smaller sizes and 7.5-8.5mm in larger sizes. The average for Single Flare plugs/eyelets is generally 9m-10m. If you need a specific wearable for your skinny or thick lobes, please let us know when you order via email or in the comments section when you check out. We are always happy to try accommodate your needs.
How is GwS jewelry measured?
  All glass is measured in metric millimeters. This puts glass slightly off from measurements of metal (and other material) jewelry that is made to American Standard Gauges (up to 00g) and English inches (7/16" +). We have added a size chart for you to see the difference and better help you with your decisions. The two sizes with the largest variation are 2g and 00g (6.5mm and 9.5mm in metal, respectively). In glass these sizes can vary from 6-7mm for 2g, and 9-10mm for 00g. Please note that clear jewelry is only available in whole millimeter sizes. We have a tolerance of +- 0.2mm.

We are able to offer some in-between sizes that you usually cannot get in other materials - like 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and 17mm.

When we use the words "Wearing Surface", this means the distance between two flares of a double flare (or between a flare and an o-ring on a single flare, or between 2 o-rings on a no flare). When we use the word "Length", we mean the distance between the backside of the flare and the end of the jewelry where it starts to go round. The term length is used mostly when referencing labrets/philtrums, since o-rings are not always worn.

Rounded ends on single flare or no flare pieces will add about 3 - 5 millimeters to the overall length of the jewelry. Flat ends add about 1mm to the length. O-rings take up about 2mm of space on the jewelry.

Here's a quick reference guide for some of our pieces:

I lost/broke an item. Can I buy a single to match the one I have?
  As we do sell some of our products per piece, you can - but it's NOT recommended. Due to variations in color and availability of materials, items made at separate times DO NOT have a high likelihood of matching. Please remember that all of our products are handcrafted by skilled artists in small batches, making each pair uniquely one of a kind.  On this site, some of our items are programed so that you MUST purchase 2 pieces (1 pair).  The item page will display text regarding this. Some items may be possible to repair - please click here to read more about damage and repairs.
Is GwS jewelry made in the U.S.A.?
  Yes it is, we handcraft every item on our website right here in Ashland, Oregon USA. We source most of our raw color materials from Portland, Oregon.  All of our raw clear material is manufactured in eastern Europe, and is of the highest quality. A small percentage of our raw color and our opals come from China.  All of our materials are Lead Free.
Is GwS jewelry sterile?
  No, Glasswear Studios jewelry is NOT sterile.

All Glasswear Studios, Inc. jewelry is sold in NEW and unused condition, but it is NOT sterile. As such, it is not advisable to use said jewelry as initial piercing jewelry (to be pierced with) UNLESS STERILIZED FIRST. Further, it is recommended that the wearer wait until a medical or piercing professional has determined the piercing healed before inserting non-sterilized jewelry. Buyer, inserter and/or wearer assume all liability for antiseptic and/or sterilization technique.

It is the responsibility of YOU, the buyer and/or persons who use our product(s) to accept the risks that are inherent with body piercing, and the manner in which our products may be used. A significant portion of our jewelry is small and could cause choking/injury if swallowed. PLEASE KEEP JEWELRY OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.
Is jewelry sold per piece or per pair?
  All of our jewelry is sold per piece.  You will have to purchase 2 pieces to get a pair.  Some products are not available to purchase as singles - they are very difficult to match when not made at the same time by the same artist.
Single Flare (SF) or Double Flare (DF)
  Here's the deal on SF vs. DF. Single Flare jewelry is used for initial piercing and stretching piercings. SF is held in by an o-ring on the back. A black EPDM (food grade) o-ring for 2g+ up, and clear silicone (medical grade) for 18g - 6g, and 8mm (0g). Single Flare is great for wear in tight lobes, stretching with, newly stretched lobes, or downsizing. Once healed you can interchange with other SF jewelry. When your piercing starts to loosen up you may be ready for Double Flare - please visit your local body piercing shop if you are unsure of what to choose!

Double Flare is put in like a button. Many people lube their DF jewelry with oil (specific for body piercing like jojoba or emu oil, NO food oils) or water before insertion. When first wearing DF it's best not to leave your jewelry in for longer than 12-24 hours to ensure you can get them out without creating stress to your piercing. A good time to change jewelry is right after a warm shower, when your lobes are relaxed. As your piercing loosens up over time and with more inserting and removing jewelry, you should be able to leave your jewelry in for longer. Just remember to clean them EVERY day! If your ear gets too loose, leave your plugs out for a few hours (or even overnight) and they might tighten up. Keep SF around as backup - don't ever force in a DF if your lobes get too tight.

Double Flare is usually best in 8mm/0g and larger. With piercings smaller than 6.5mm/2g, DF can be difficult to get in and out.
What is the difference between wearing surface and length?
  Wearing surface is the measurement of the surface that is worn. The wearing surface is measured between the two flares on a double flare plug, between the flare and o-ring on a single flare plug or between both o-rings on a no flare plug. When you select "wearing surface", be aware that the length will be 2mm longer (as we add extra room for the o-ring.)

Length is the distance from behind the flare to where the plug starts to round off. To simplify matters, our products offer a choice of "wearing surface" instead of length. If you are unsure of the wearing surface you need, please visit your local body piercing studio for assistance.
What is the wearable surface measurement of GwS plugs?
  On average, our Double Flare plugs/eyelets wearing surfaces measure between 6.5-7.5mm in smaller sizes and 7.5-8.5mm in larger sizes. Single Flare plugs/eyelets tend to have a wearing surface between 9m-10m. Remember that all of our items are handmade, so there will be slight variation on wearing surfaces between different items or pairs.

If you need a specific wearable for your skinny or thick lobes, please let us know when you order via email or in the comments section when you check out. We are always happy to accommodate your needs.