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How are the menus laid out?
  We put all of our plugs under one section. In addition, there are separate categories for eyelets, shapes, and retainers. You can also shop through the Jewelry for Specific Locations section if you're looking for an item to suite a nostril, septum, labret, etc.

At the bottom of each page is a footer with all of the non-jewelry pages. Please browse through to learn more about this site and our company.
What are Dome Flare plugs?
  Dome Flare Plugs is a category where all of the plugs have a domed front flare. The dome magnifies the artwork that we put inside of the plug. In this section you will find all of our Dichro (foil), Jellyfish, Galaxies and more. When choosing the Double Flare option, these plugs are reversible with a colorfront style flare on the back, typically black (or whatever background color is chosen when more options are available).
What are Pattern Front Plugs?
  Pattern Front Plugs have a design on the flat front flare of a plug. These include, but are not limited to, Colorfront Images, Animal Plugs and our new Druzy Plugs. Some of these designs may be reversible for a different effect.
What are the new features on the website?
  We've been working hard to make improvements, so please take some time to check it all out! Some new features on this site are:

Mobile Friendly. Yes, that's right. You can finally shop from your phone or tablet with ease.
My Rewards. We are bringing back the rewards program. Click here for more info.
New Pictures: We have taken new pictures for a lot of our designs. Now you can hover over the main pic for enlargement without having to click through to another page.
Swatches. Each product page will now have pop-up images to display the options you choose.
Item Page Layout. The item pages now contain all sizes and options in one place. Please choose your size/options and click REFRESH to see the final price.
Navigation: We streamlined our navigation into a simple menu bar at the top. There are also a lot less pages to click through to get to the item pages. You can now shop by jewelry location (nostril, navel, etc) or style (plug, eyelet, weight etc).
1-Page Checkout: Our checkout is now all on one page. Get estimates for your shipping and enter payment info all on one page.
Must buy 2. Although items are priced per piece, some we will only sell as pairs (as they are impossible to match when not made as a set). If you see the "minimum order of (2)" text on that page, then we only sell them in pairs.
Affiliate Program: Love our stuff? Join our affiliate program, where you can make a percentage of the sales that you drive to our site. Click here for more info.
Wishlist: As a registered member you can now add items to your wishlist for future consideration. You can also send your wishlist to a friend.
Discount Codes: We now have a much easier system which allows us to set discounts and coupon codes with more ease and control.
Newsletter: As a member you will be able to receive our newsletter. This means special discounts, product launches, feedback surveys and other important announcements delivered directly to your inbox. We will be sending out 1 to 3 per month - sign up, and you will be first to find out what's new at GwS. You can still become a member and opt out of the newsletter, but we highly recommend against it - you don't want to miss out on secret sales!
Terms & Condition: Please read through our Terms & Condition page, as some things have changed.
New 2016 Designs: Have you seen something shiny and new on Instagram or Facebook? Our new 2016 designs have been added to this site.
Social Media Buttons: You can now share, like, email, Google+, Pin, and Tweet about GwS right from the item page. We have also added links to our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in the footer. Don't forget to hashtag your jewelry on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page! #glasswearstudios
Wholesale Only Items: As a retailer of our products, you have access to our secret pages that contain piercing related items and new designs before they are released.
Breadcrumbs: You can now see where you've been, so stepping backwards is just a click away.
Footer: We took all of our non jewelry info pages and organized them on the bottom of every page for your convenience.
Reviews: You can now review jewelry and let us know how helpful our non jewelry pages are. We look forward to your feedback about updates, changes or improvements that you'd like to see. We also want to hear what you like, love and are excited about.
What features did not cross over from the old website?
  The major difference is that all sizes are listed on one item page now. This makes navigation, programing and maintenance much easier. It does have one draw back - you can no longer type your size into the search bar and pull up everything offered in your gauge. We apologize for this inconvenience, but feel that the ease of the new site design makes up for that small detail. Don't hesitate to let us know what you think!

What is Overstock Jewelry?
  Click here to explore for unique and original in-stock jewelry! Items listed under this menu will be products where you get the exact pair featured in the photo. Some of these items are one-offs and won't ever be made again, some are from our stock on hand (aka WYSIWYG), and some are prototypes that are reproducible and also listed in our Made-to-Order pages. We separated the sub-categories into Plugs, Weights, Shapes, and more. Note that when ordered alone, the items listed here typically ship in 1-2 business days.
Where are all the non-jewelry info pages located?
  Everything non-jewelry related is located at the bottom of each page in the black footer. Here you can contact us, set up a new account, read about our affiliate and rewards program, and find answers to your FAQs or order status inquiries.