Affiliate Terms and Conditions

The following terms apply to all perspective and current Team Glasswear Studios Affilate Members.

- We are not liable for negligence, injury, or anything else that may happen to you when participating in the Glasswear Studios Affiliate Team. Do not break the law!
- We do not condone violence, profanity or explicit material, nudity, or any other malicious behavior on any of our social networking sites, or in any way when promoting the name Glasswear Studios.
- We reserve the right to cancel anyone's account at any time for any reason as we see fit.
- We reserve the right to deactivate a gift code at any time for any reason as we see fit.
- Our logo must be represented in only by the banners uploaded by Glasswear Studios in your MY AFFILIATE account. You cannot change or alter our logo/banners in any way, this includes colors, shape, or size (if it defects the quality).
- Your URL will be attached to your customers for as long as they are members of the site. If they delete their cookies from their computer, they must then use your URL again to get to the site, or they will not be generating you affiliate income.
- Payouts will be conducted quarterly unless you do not meet the minimum payout of $25 then you will be rolled over to the next quarter.
- Commissions are accumulated at a rate of 2% for each sale to the Main Affiliate and 1% for each additional sale your sub-affiliates accumulate.