How do I return an item?

We do not take returns unless there is a problem with your order that has resulted from an error on the part of Glasswear Studios, Inc.

If your jewelry arrives broken, defective, damaged or is not what you ordered please contact us so we can resolve the situation. A photo is the best way to show us what is wrong with your item, so we may request one. We will then review your situation and tell you how to proceed.

Please inspect and measure your jewelry BEFORE opening. All disputes must be made within 3 days of receipt of your item. After the specified time we have to assume the damage was done after it was used. If you notice a manufacturing defect (ie. crack, texture or scratch) after you open your jewelry and inspect it, take a picture and contact us IMMEDIATELY. We will evaluate and decide how to proceed with your case.

Once a heat sealed baggie has been opened, the body jewelry is considered a bio-hazard. If you are asked to return your jewelry it must be in the originally SEALED bag or professionally autoclaved for our health and safety. If you do not call or e-mail us before submitting a return, it will be returned to you or discarded, with no refund or exchange made.

Before we accept a return, we may try to remedy the situation with a replacement or exchange of the item in question. We may or may not want the jewelry in question back, which will be determined on a case by case basis. If the item is defect free, but there is a major discrepancy in the design/artwork, please contact us and we will access the situation. Please note that every glass piece will have unique variations, as is the nature of handmade items. We do our best to create matching or complimentary pairs, and will always listen to your concerns/feedback about your order.

We stand by our jewelry quality 100%. If the problem is from manufacturing and/or delivery of an item, we will either fix or replace the item free of charge.

Any normal wear, dropping, or breaking that has resulted from handling or mishandling of the item is NOT covered, and NOT replaceable/repairable for free.

Please contact us if you have an item that you would like a repair quote for. Please note that not all items can be repaired.