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January 2017
Last Updated: 01/12/2017

January 2017:
Happy New Year
Happy New Year, GWS Fans!

The new year brings some updates and new product releases. We added our new Synthetic Meteorite plugs (now available wholesale and retail). These are a shiny silver rock encased inside the plug. It is a natural element found on the earth's crust. It is not real meteorite - but it looks like it could be a space rock, so we aptly named it such. They are available from 8mm to 50mm, in both single and double flare. Background choices include Clear, Black, White and our new Opaline (we are open to taking requests if you want them on a different color than listed - just ask).

Opaline is borosillicate glass version of Opalite. It is very difficult to work with in large sizes, and is considered a rare/limited edition color. Raw glass color rods are made in batches. We purchased Opaline from the first batch produced by our color vendor up in Portland, OR. Unfortunately they haven't made another batch of color rods yet, so we are limited to our stock on hand. Basically, get this background color while you can - it's considered a limited edition at this time! We hope more materials become available before we run out, but right now we do not have word on when that will be.

We also added Bubble Texture Teardrops. This is a design requested by my tattoo artist, anji in Seattle (go get a tat by her!) and we are just getting around to putting them into production. We will be adding more colors like our New Jade White and more texture options soon.

Just a reminder - our 20% off for first orders promo has expired as of Dec 31, 2016.

All our Overstock section is on sale the whole month of January. Check out some great deals and rare one offs from APP. Lots of new "weights" in this section.

We are starting work on some new designs to be release at the annual APP conference in June, and we hope to see you there.

Please keep the feedback regarding the new site and reviews coming. We want to improve things for your ease, so let us know about any changes we need to make.

Thank You,
Ryan and the Glasswear Studios Team

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