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I chipped/broke my jewelry. Is it fixable?
  Maybe - each situation requires an individual assessment. Please contact us with a picture of the item you have a question about, and we will get back to you with an answer.
I dropped my jewelry and it chipped/broke, is it guaranteed?
  No. We do not guarantee any damage resulting from the purchase and/or user handling, dropping, storing, transporting or inserting our products. Some damages can be fixed for a small fee and shipping charges. Please contact us if you would like to see if an item is repairable and to get a quote. See our Guarantee policy for more info.
What does Glasswear Studios, Inc. guarantee?
  Glasswear Studios guarantees that your purchase will arrive free of damages, defects, cracks, scratches or any other manufacturer issues. All of our jewelry is hand checked by our Quality Control department. We also double check the jewelry size, color, and quality a second time before it's processed for shipping. Please see our Return Policy for more information if your item arrives damaged or defective. We also guarantee that our Colorfront Images will not fade or rub off for a period of 1 year from manufacturer date. If your colorfront image does fade, please contact us with a picture and you order number for reference.

Always check your jewelry prior to opening the heat sealed package. If you notice any problems, please contact us BEFORE you open the package.

We DO NOT guarantee any problem resulting by handling, mishandling, dropping, improper storage, or any other damage occurred while in your possession. If you do damage your jewelry, feel free to contact us to see if your jewelry is repairable (for a small fee and shipping fees). Some problems are not repairable. We also DO NOT guarantee that your jewelry will match perfectly - as all glass is made by hand, each piece is unique and may have slight variations to its pair.

Basicly if it is our fault we will fix or replace it with the same or similar product
if it is your fault, we do not guarentee it. it may be repairable but we will not replace it. repairs approved on case by case basis.
Privacy Policy
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